The small but particularly fine tobacco products from Nobel are among the popular cigarillos on the market. With their different variants of the cultivated cigarette, they provide a wide range of Nobel Petit little cigars, which are an entertaining smoking pleasure. It is hardly surprising that these noble products have been able to assert themselves on the global tobacco market for a long time. A quality that dignified the excellent tradition of Danish tobacco production.

The Nobel Petit little cigars come from a long tradition in Denmark. This country has always been one of the hubs in the European tobacco trade. The fine pipe tobaccos in particular enjoy world fame. The gentle processes in the production and especially the complex flavorings often make Danish tobacco recognizable as soon as you enter the room, because they usually have a fragrant and pleasant note that even non-smokers like. This is the cultural background of these excellent cigarillo series, because Nobel Petit little cigars are real Danes!

Nobel Petit little cigars are a wide range of tastes.

The range of Nobel Petit little cigars, as they are called in full, forms an interesting range of different packs and flavors. A foray through the offer brings some exciting discoveries.

Nobel Petit little cigars Sumatra

This line combines a complex blend with the popular flavors of the Indonesian tobacco culture. An excellent, completely made of tobacco cigarillo variant that has asserted itself on the world market.

Nobel Petit little cigars Fine Sumatra

This line follows the taste of the normal Sumatra series with the difference that it comes with a slightly milder taste. A good choice for light smoke lovers.

Nobel Petit little cigars Brasil

This series focuses on the popular taste of sugar loaf. The increasingly important tobacco country Brazil offers a solid quality, which has become known for its nutty sweetness and is used by many well-known manufacturers.

Nobel Petit little cigars Dominican

The Dominican series impresses with its Caribbean character. The Dominican tobacco gives these cigarillos the peppery loveliness common to the region, which nevertheless appears lovely and is tastefully rounded off with the Ecuadorian wrapper.